In my diplomatic series of works, the exploration of space both external as well as internal reality,

is presented with the use of light and its reflections creating an illusory dimension which communicates with the natural environment. In the past decades many artists have presented new perceptual and formative properties of light as an artistic medium and subject, like Naum Gabo and James Turrell.


Space in sculpture until the late 1940s, concerned the artists, only as the specific place where the artwork could be exposed and its role was to surround the prominent mass. Today space hasn't got exclusively that sense of abstraction, the transcendental idea has been reshaped into mouldable matter. It became a reality that we feel like speed or immobility, so time was now incorporated into the general category of emotions caused by sculpture, which have mostly been dominated by weight and volume.


James Turell, ‘Space Division’ series are consisted of large openings cut into partitions. They look like flat light screens, but in reality it's light, that's emitted through the wall openings to a seemingly infinite space behind it. Following this perspective, I have been researching the light handling procedures that create illusory space and could also include the factor of motion


Simultaneously 2015 rythmic light emmiting object

Passage 2015 site-specific installation with wool strings, clear fishing line, spotlights


Windows 2015 site-specific installation with static light emmiting objects 

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